Top Trending 10 FPS Games for Android

Craving adrenaline-pumping action and intense gunfights? Look no further than the world of Android FPS games! This genre offers a diverse array of experiences, from classic team battles to zombie-slaying adventures. To help you navigate the options, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 FPS games that will have your heart racing and trigger fingers twitching.

Standoff 2:

This FPS gem has captivated over 200 million players worldwide. Standoff 2 delivers smooth gameplay at 120fps, stunning 3D visuals, and an impressive variety of maps from quaint towns to secret labs. Discover over 20 modern weapons and hone your skills in intense competitive battles.

FPS Games

Modern Combat 5:

Mobile FPS: For those who crave traditional action and stunning visuals, Modern Combat 5 delivers! Immerse yourself in thrilling missions, conquer captivating game modes like Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale, and explore iconic cities like Tokyo and Venice.

Apex Legends Mobile:

This action-packed hybrid blends Battle Royale with classic FPS elements. Choose your Legend, master fast-paced gunplay, and strategize alongside friends to dominate the global leaderboards. Apex Legends Mobile packs a punch with crisp 3D graphics and a diverse arsenal of weapons.

FPS Games

Modern Strike Online:

Inspired by Call of Duty, CSGO, and PUBG, Modern Strike Online boasts PC-worthy graphics, thrilling PvP battles, and an impressive collection of 50 unique weapons. Dive into five exciting game modes and claim daily rewards as you conquer online action with friends.

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The king of Battle Royales arrives on mobile! Experience the thrill of 100-player showdowns on iconic maps, or opt for fast-paced 4v4 Arena and Contagious modes. With its robust item system, diverse characters, and ever-evolving content, PUBG MOBILE offers endless action.


Brace yourself for customization galore! MaskGun boasts over 40 weapon skins, a unique 1v1 mode, and customizable characters. Choose from diverse roles like gangsters, secret agents, and snipers. Easy controls and automatic shooting make it perfect for both newbies and veterans.

Guns of Boom Online PvP Action:

Dive into a world of dark action and fast-paced matches averaging under 5 minutes. Guns of Boom charms with its exciting storyline, diverse character system, and stunning 3D graphics. Master the controls and hone your skills to stand out in this competitive eSports-inspired shooter.

Dead Effect 2:

This sci-fi FPS combines breathtaking 3D console-quality graphics with classic RPG elements. Play as the lone astronaut Plunge, navigate the dangers of a derelict spaceship, and face the horrors lurking in the shadows. Discover tons of weapons and high-tech gadgets – it’s time to survive and conquer!

Critical Ops:

Balance and competition define Critical Ops. Master beautifully designed maps, conquer challenging game modes, and strategize against skilled opponents. This FPS stands strong against “pay-to-win” tactics, letting your skills reign supreme.

UNKILLED – FPS Zombie Games:

For all you zombie apocalypse enthusiasts, UNKILLED is your haven! Slay your way through over 150 story-driven missions, facing unique zombies and formidable bosses. With a dark atmosphere, immersive FPS gameplay, and gamepad support, UNKILLED keeps the adrenaline pumping.


The world of Android FPS games is brimming with action and excitement. Whether you crave fierce multiplayer battles, heart-pounding single-player campaigns, or unique twists on the genre, this list has something for everyone. So download, gear up, and prepare to experience the thrill of FPS gaming on your mobile device!

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