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The App Snapchat was launched in Los Angeles. It is world wide used app for engaging people with each other through snaps. They communicate with each other, make memories and stories on it. Moreover people share their personal experiences and informations onto their spotlight option available at Snapchat.

How to download:


  • We can use it in various languages according to our country.


  • It has different features like lenses, people can use different lenses as per their choices to view themselves into beautiful and enchanting frames.

Additional Services:

  • Snapchat has Additional services like who can contact you, view
  • Your story, see other people locations, see your memories that you have saved into it and use spectacles as well. You can also customize emojis according to your vibes.


  • As every social app has Privacy issues and policies, does this too.
  • It provides you many options like you can clear your conversation, clear your search history, syncing your contacts and snapchat also have a freedom of choice if you allow others to view your story at one time only.


  • Snapchat uses the various permissions while you are using this app, like you can give permission according to your own choice that whether the snapchat can access your camera, contacts, location, microphone, call logs and phone as well.

Apps from Snapchat:

  1. Bitmoji: It is your own personal emoji. Be yourself wherever you go.
  2. Zenly: It is a live map of your friends and family. It is the most funny way to meet up or just see what’s up.


In short, the app snapchat is convenient for using it, you can use your snaps to connect with your family and friends and people have freedom of choice to see themselves into different beautiful lenses. It has no severe data loss and privacy risks for its users.

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