Top 10 Photo Editing Apps for Android

Gone are the days of bulky cameras! Our smartphones have become pocket-sized powerhouses for capturing stunning photos. But, what if you want to add that extra magic touch? That’s where the incredible world of Android photo editing apps comes in!

This curated list showcases the top 10 photo editing apps for Android, catering to both seasoned photographers and selfie enthusiasts.

Adobe Lightroom Photo & Video Editor:

Lightroom Mobile packs a punch with professional-grade tools for adjusting exposure, white balance, and more. Shoot with artistic filters, edit in Raw format, and impress with your mastery.


Snapseed is the perfect blend of powerful and user-friendly. Sharpen, crop, blur, add filters, and play with frames and stickers. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a selfie connoisseur, Snapseed has you covered.

PhotoDirector: AI Magic at Your Fingertips

Let AI be your creative partner! PhotoDirector removes unwanted objects, changes backgrounds, and applies stunning effects in mere taps. Add stickers, play with skies, and unleash your artistic vision.

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YouCam Perfect:

YouCam Perfect combines a beauty camera with top-notch editing tools. Retouch faces, add effects, create collages, and experiment with fonts and stickers. Plus, cloud backup keeps your precious creations safe and accessible.

AirBrush: Selfie Perfection

Say goodbye to imperfections! AirBrush is your ultimate selfie editor. Smoothen skin, remove blemishes, brighten eyes, and even create a dreamy bokeh effect. Get ready for flawless, envy-inducing selfies!

Lumii Photo Editor: All the Essentials

Lumii covers all the bases: crop, adjust colors, sharpen, and add text with over 100 fonts. Explore trendy filters, enhance facial features, and create eye-catching grid collages.


Prequel lets you channel your inner vintage enthusiast. Over 500 filters and effects transform your photos into retro masterpieces. Add natural light leaks, crop with precision, and choose the perfect Instagram frame for your nostalgic masterpiece.


Picsart is a fan favorite for good reason! Edit photos with advanced tools, explore thousands of fonts, templates, and stickers, and unleash your creativity. This comprehensive app offers everything you need to take your photos to the next level.

Bazaart Photo Editor & Design:

Bazaart isn’t just an editor; it’s a design studio! Craft engaging stories, logos, flyers, and even memes. Play with thousands of backgrounds, stickers, and shapes, or add stunning photo overlays for truly unique creations.


VSCO caters to both simple edits and advanced tweaks. Enjoy free, high-quality filters for photos and videos, explore basic video editing tools, and join a vibrant community of passionate photographers.


No matter your skill level or artistic vision, there’s a perfect photo editing app waiting for you on Android. Download, explore, and transform your snapshots into stunning works of art!

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