Ice Scream 5 Friends: A Chilling Puzzle Adventure

Experience a thrilling yet puzzling journey in Ice Scream 5

Ice Scream 5 Friends

Mike’s Adventures, the latest installment in the popular Ice Scream series by Keplerians Horror Games, continues to captivate players with engaging plots and improved gameplay. Launched initially in 2019, the series’ rapid updates reflect its popularity.

This game caters to both beginners and veterans of horror games, offering a comprehensive introduction to grasp the plot and gameplay.

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Recap of Ice Scream 4

The previous game concluded with Rod appearing at a crucial moment, resulting in you and your friends being stranded in a factory. The primary objective in Ice Scream 5 is to rescue your friends and escape, outsmarting Rod in the process. Switching between characters Mike and J is crucial for survival.

Ice Scream 5

Gameplay Mechanics

Ice Scream 5 maintains a familiar gameplay style, ensuring ease of access for new players. The game features a user-friendly interface and high FPS, enhancing the gaming experience. Social media integration allows players to invite friends and share progress.

Ice Scream 5

The game offers simple controls with three main buttons: Settings, Hints, and Play. Settings allow customization of audio, camera sensitivity, and language options (including English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, and German). Hints are divided into Puzzles and Items, guiding players through essential locations and required items. The Play button launches the adventure.

Game Modes and Levels

Players can choose from four difficulty levels: Ghost, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each level offers unique challenges, from enemy visibility and speed to ad frequency. In Ghost mode, enemies can’t see you, but expect frequent ads. Easy mode slows down enemies, while Normal mode presents a balanced challenge. Hard mode tests players’ skills to the fullest.

Ice Scream 5

Game Tips

Character swapping is a key feature, with Mike and J having distinct tasks. Tracking item locations is essential as you can only carry one item at a time.

Conclusion and Perspective

Ice Scream 5 leans more towards puzzle-solving than traditional horror, offering a less intimidating experience for those new to the genre. For additional guidance, numerous online tutorials and expert gameplay videos are available.

Ice Scream 5


  • User-friendly interfaces.
  • Challenging across all levels.


  • Excessive ads in Ghost mode.
  • Ad removal costs HK$19.90.

Ice Scream 5 offers a blend of suspense and puzzles, making it a unique addition to the horror game genre.

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