Download SIGMAX on Android

SIGMAX, having been removed from the Play Store after reaching 500k downloads, can still be downloaded and installed on your Android mobile phone by following the steps outlined in this guide.

SIGMAX Battle Royale initially debuted on the Google Play Store in Brazil, sharing many similarities with Free Fire. In this game, your objective is to be the last survivor on the battlefield within a team of 50 players. SIGMAX is often considered the Lite version of Free Fire, with Studio Arm Private Limited as the developer instead of Garena.

Regrettably, SIGMAX was taken down from the Play Store shortly after its release, despite having already amassed 500k downloads. Since the game is no longer available on the Play Store, we’ll provide you with a straightforward method to download and install the SIGMAX Battle Royale game on Android, step by step.

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About Sigma Battle Royale

SIGMAX is a survival battle royale game where you dive into a battlefield with 50 players. Your mission is to locate armor and supplies, engage in combat with enemies, and survive until you are the last one standing. You can choose to fight solo or team up with 4 players, including your friends.

How to Download and Install SIGMAX on Android

Step 1: Download APKPure and Search for SIGMAX

Visit the APKPure App Store, search for SIGMAX, and click on the Install button.

Step 2: Download SIGMAX on Android

Wait for the download process to complete. You can also check the download status in App Management.

Step 3: Install SIGMAX on Your Phone

Once the download is finished, directly install SIGMAX Battle Royale on your Android mobile phone. If this is your first time downloading apps from APKPure, navigate to Settings > Security to enable “Unknown Sources.”

Step 4: Launch SIGMAX and Log In

You are now prepared to sign in to SIGMAX with your Facebook or Google account. Enjoy the game!

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