Call OF Dragons! Conquer Tamaris in Call of Dragons, the Free Mobile Strategy Game

Forget clashing kingdoms, Call of Dragons takes mobile strategy to epic heights. From Farlight, the creators of Rise of Kingdoms, comes this genre-bending adventure where you lead an army and a hero into 3D battlefields bursting with tactical possibilities.

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Command Armies & Heroes:

Dive into real-time battles, commanding squads and unleashing unique hero abilities.
Master the 3D terrain – use mountains, rivers, and elevation to gain strategic advantage.
Conquer Behemoths! Tame giant beasts like Dragons and unleash them as your ultimate weapon.

Build Your Kingdom, Forge Alliances:

Manage your kingdom, upgrade buildings, gather resources, and defend against rivals.
Team up with friends in PvE challenges, capturing monstrous creatures for your army.
Clash with other players in epic PvP battles for territorial dominance.

Free to Play, Endless Fun:

Download and play Call of Dragons completely free!
Dive into a deep progression system, earning upgrades and rewards through skillful play.
Optional in-app purchases offer faster progress, but victory belongs to the cunning strategist.

Ready to answer the call?

Download Call of Dragons for free on Android and iOS.
Claim your kingdom in Tamaris and rise to become a legend!
This rewrite is shorter, punchier, and uses more action-oriented language to capture the excitement of the game. It also emphasizes the unique features like 3D battles, Behemoths, and hero abilities. The call to action is clear and persuasive, encouraging readers to download the game and join the adventure.

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