Angry Birds 2 Game Review: A New Chapter in Bird Flinging Fun

Embark on an exciting adventure with Angry Birds 2

Since its launch in 2015, Angry Birds 2 has received overwhelming responses, enhancing the original Angry Birds experience with advanced graphics, comprehensive game settings, and an array of humorous avian characters. This review will revisit Angry Birds 2, exploring its various elements and nostalgic charm.

Characters and Customization

Angry Birds 2 introduces a colorful cast beyond the iconic red bird, Silver. These new characters come with diverse expressions and unique designs. While customization options for the birds are limited, players can name their birds by interacting with the red bird icon.

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Angry Birds 2

Black Pearls, serving as decorative elements, are categorized into seven levels ranging from Common to Mighty. More intricate and appealing hats require a higher investment in Black Pearls.

Gameplay Enhancements

The core gameplay remains similar to the original but with notable advancements. Players now have the flexibility to switch birds on their deck, adapting to different game scenarios. The game includes various modes like Daily Quests, King Pig Panic, Tower of Fortune, and more. Initially, players receive five lives; losing them requires either gem payment, ad watching, or a 30-minute wait for replenishment. In certain modes like the Arena or clan events, gameplay is unrestricted by lives.

Angry Birds 2

In-app Purchases

Gems, available in the Shop, Daily Deals, and as Bonuses, can be used to buy lives or access rare items. Players can also earn gems without monetary transactions.

Angry Birds 2

Engaging Details

The game’s charm lies in small details like the magnifying glass in the upper left corner, revealing the animated expressions of both the birds and pigs. Players can start the game without logging in, but linking to a Google Play or Facebook account preserves game progress.

Angry Birds 2


Angry Birds 2 significantly builds upon its predecessor in several areas, maintaining its status as a top-tier casual game. It offers a blend of enhanced graphics, a variety of hats for character customization, and a challenging gameplay experience.


  • Improved graphics.
  • Extensive hat collection for birds.
  • Challenging gameplay.


  • Purchasing new lives required.

Angry Birds 2 invites players to a delightful gaming experience with its endearing birds. Ready for the adventure? Download Angry Birds 2 and join in the fun!

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